college assistance for swimmers outside the U.S.

Get into your preferred swim program, completely prepared.

American highschool students receive extensive resources to figure out what university to apply for and how to get in. Applying for college is a hard process and as a foreigner its tough to know where to begin.

As college veterans we want to use the knowledge we gained from experience and help swimmers in the same situation we were in. Unlike other recruiting services, we focus on one sport & leverage a personal network of coaches.

We were three friends from the same village in Sweden who didn't think college was on the map until final year of high school. Our personal bests had started to improve and some of our older friends from other club teams had managed to get in to college which served as inspiration. 

Halfway through senior year, in December, we decided to reach out to recruiting companies to help with the process. We were inexperienced and didn't know the first thing about college swimming, all we knew was that we wanted to compete in America. Through our recruiting companies we got into college but soon realized how many other school alternatives we could have went with. After the fact we, we realized how low our scholarships were compared to our teammates.. Luckily we did our research, talked to coaches and managed to transfer to the schools we wanted. 

The companies that were supposed to have helped us had no idea how college swimming worked and fell short in their network of schools.

The process of getting into college is tedious and time-consuming, it takes experience to get it right.

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A 4-year college Visa in the United States is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Looking back at it, we can safely say that it was among the most rewarding adventures of our lives.
— Per, Jakob och Oskar